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True or False: Winter is a Great Time to Sell Your Home?

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True or False: Winter is a Great Time to Sell Your Home?

The New Year brings plenty of opportunities for growth. If you and your family are making big changes by putting your home on the market, the winter weather can be particularly daunting. Inclement weather, curb appeal and representation can potentially suffer. However, with proper tips and preparation you can get the most out of your home no matter the season. At the Northeast Iowa Regional Board of REALTORS®, we break down the facts for selling your home this winter to help you overcome any potential obstacle.

Curb appeal and presentation is not a strong factor in the winter.

FALSE: Although spring and summer naturally improves curb appeal, weather is not an excuse to overlook this key selling point. Potential buyers will still judge your home based on its appearance so use the weather to your advantage. Properly outfit your home with tasteful winter decorations, both indoors and out. By searching sites such as Pinterest, you can avoid outrageous holiday decor for a simple and clean astatic that will universally appeal to all buyers. Indoors, ensure each room has a decent amount of lighting to contrast the earlier winter sunsets. Combine this with proper outdoor maintenance, such as prompt snow removal, and your home will easily stand out from the competition.

Maintenance can be a bigger issue in the cold months.

TRUE: With more appliances in use during the winter, there is more possibilities for potential issues. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, make sure to be proactive. Check the functions on your boiler and other heating systems in advance. Doing so can help guarantee that you do not discover any possible repairs during a showing.

Winter Can Bring More Motivated Buyers

TRUE: Since buyers may be less inclined to move during the winter weather, this can actually help work in your advantage. The buyers that do come will be more motivated and will likely speed up the process. This will allow you to quickly sell your home and move on.

Although winter can bring obstacles when it comes to selling your home, it also brings room for opportunity. By utilizing these tips, you can help overcome the weather to get the best possible deal for your property. For additional assistance, Northeast Iowa Regional Board of REALTORS® has the experience and expertise to get the price you want for your home. Contact us today!

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