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The Dos and Donts to Help You Save Money After You Buy Your Home

Buying your ideal house is just one step in procuring the future home of your dreams. Personalized touches, improvement projects and renovations are what truly transform the space into your own. However, these expenses can add up fast. At Northeast Iowa Regional Board of REALTORS®, we do not want anything to hold you back. With these important guidelines, you can save money and still attain the perfect new home for the future.

Don’t Do Everything at Once

Staring at blank walls and empty spaces can be a little intimidating. Although it can be tempting to try to tackle everything at once, doing so can be potentially overwhelming and cause you to settle for lesser quality items to save time. These not only wear down over time but, if you are consistently replacing it to try to find a better fit for your décor, you will waste important dollars. Additionally, waiting to purchase large items until substantial sales’ days such as Black Friday, estate sales or company liquidation auctions can make you miss out on dramatic savings.  Finding the perfect pieces to complete both your taste and lifestyle are worth the wait in order to make the house truly your own.

Do Know When to Consult Professionals

With advances in technology, ample information is now available at your fingertips making DIY projects easier than ever. While taking on home repair and improvement tasks can be an affordable solution for cosmetic projects, it is important to know when to call the experts. When it comes to matters of electricity and roofing, it can be both a costly and dangerous mistake to try to do too much. For your own safety, ask family and friends about recommendations of trusted experts in these circumstances.

Don’t Forget about Utilities

For first time homeowners, the upgrade to a home can be a wonderful experience. However, with more space comes an increase in utility cost. To combat this, incorporate small changes that can help save on your monthly expenses. Keep the thermostat set a degree cooler or hotter than you would usually prefer. Make sure to turn off running water when not in use, such as when you are brushing your teeth. Additionally, look into energy efficient lighting to minimize your electricity bill. To cut heating costs during the cold months, make sure drafts and windows are covered. If you have an attic, insulate the door and adjust door thresholds. Lastly, replace any worn weather stripping. All of this will help decrease your bill and improve your new home.

Settling into your new home can come with expenses but, with vigilant savings, you can create the perfect place to raise your family. If you are ready to make the move into home buying, the team at Northeast Iowa Regional Board of REALTORS® is here to help. Contact us today to start the process!

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