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Gotta Catch Em All: Why You Need a REALTOR During the Home Hunting Process

You’ve seen them everywhere—kids (and adults!) with their faces glued to their phone screens as they wander around public places, playing the popular new mobile game, Pokémon Go. Whether you find this game fun, annoying or downright dangerous, it’s actually not that much different than buying a house! With the help of a REALTOR®, you can truly “catch ‘em all” and answer these important questions about any home you’re considering:

  1. Is the house you’re looking at a Pokémon gym?

Pokémon Go uses Google maps to designate real-life buildings as “Pokémon gyms.” The game tracks you via GPS, and once you arrive at a certain spot, you can battle other players for control of a gym and advance in the game.

While private residences are exempt from the gym designations, the concept remains the same: location is key! Is the house you’re looking at in a desirable location? If so, you may find yourself in a bidding battle with several other buyers. That’s why it pays to have a REALTOR® by your side—they can walk you through the home-buying process, including how to place a competitive bid.

  1. Is the house you’re looking at a Pokéstop?


Besides Pokémon gyms, some locations are designated as Pokéstops, which are places that give players items to help them level up. Unlike gyms, there can be dozens of Pokéstops on a given street, so you’ll see higher foot traffic through that area.

Just like some streets are popular because of their abundance of Pokéstops, so also some streets are popular with home-buyers because of different aspects of the communities they’re in. A REALTOR® can help you identify different “Pokéstops” near a house, such as crime statistics, school information and neighborhood amenities.

  1. Is the house you’re looking at already leveled-up?


Pokémon Go players also wander around looking for Pokémon, which they then capture and use in gym battles. Powerful Pokémon are harder to catch but take less time to level up, and weak Pokémon are easy to catch but take more time to level up.


Likewise, when you look at a house, you need to ask yourself how much it will take to level up. A fixer-upper may be lower in price, but may take more time and money to repair. A REALTOR® can help you answer some of these questions. We connect you with home-inspection contractors who give you estimates on how much work a house needs and how much it will cost to fix up.


Keep these three points in mind as you wander different locations during your hunt for the perfect house. At Northeast Iowa Regional Board of REALTORS®, we can connect you with information and resources to help you win the home-buying game. Browse through our list of agents and find one to help you today.

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