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3 Types of Difficult Open House Visitors and How We Deal with Them

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3 Types of Difficult Open House Visitors and How We Deal with Them

Do you plan to live in your house while it’s on the market? If so, you may have a chance to meet some potential buyers. However, not everyone who comes to look at your house is necessarily in the market to buy, especially during an open house. Here are some of the more common types you’ll see, and how our REALTORS® typically handle them:

  1. The Tourist

This person is in no way looking to buy, sell or move. They’re perfectly happy with where they’re living. However, they are curious about how other people live and what their houses look like. Going to open houses allows them to imagine for a moment what it would be like to live there. For them, it’s a hobby or a fun afternoon activity. These are the same people you’ll find at every garage sale.

What we do about it:  We can secretly turn them into a marketing tool for your house. By pointing out all the best features of your home, they’ll walk away with a great impression. And if they have a friend or family member who is looking to buy, they’ll mention this great open house they attended the other day.

  1. The Curious Neighbors

They were never close enough to you to come over and socialize, but they are curious about what other houses in the neighborhood look like from the inside. They’re also looking for something they can gossip about.

What we do about it: We give them something to talk about! Just like with The Tourist, we point out all the best features, so they go away gossiping about what a great house you live in. Eventually, this reaches the ears of those who want to buy.

  1. The Role-Player

This person is a sort of variation of The Tourist. After the open house, they’ll set up several appointments to look at the house again, but they never make a commitment to buy. Often, they’re dissatisfied with their current living situation, but don’t think they’re in a position to leave. Coming back to your house helps them indulge in the fantasy of what it would be like to actually buy it.

What we do about it: We try to find out how much they actually know about the home-buying process. They may be brand new to it, or they may have misconceptions about getting out of their current mortgage. Providing them with basic education could lead to them buying your home!


At the Northeast Iowa Regional Board of REALTORS, ® our agents are trained to handle all types of open house attendees. They can connect your home with the right buyer, or help you find the home of your dreams. Contact one of our REALTORS® today and begin your journey to home ownership.

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